Reincarnation is the belief that a soul is born multiple times into new bodies or life forms. The soul travels on an eternal path living in one body for a time, dying, and then entering a new body to live again.

Is reincarnation compatible with the teaching in the Bible? NO. They are actually diametrically opposed. With reincarnation you are basically paying for your own sins. For instance, if you kill someone in this life you may end up murdered in your next life to make up for your bad karma. In some religious systems you can actually regress to a lower life form: you might come back as a worm or a fly or a pig and then you will have to work your way back up to a human life.

Below is a reincarntation story or experience from a young boy who died and is living again.

They came to a photo from a 1932 film, and the boy said, ‘That guy’s me! The old me!’
The next morning, she went to the library, borrowed a pile of books about old Hollywood, and brought them home. With Ryan in her lap, Cyndi went through the volumes; she was hoping the pictures might soothe him. Instead, he became more and more excited as they looked at one particular book. When they came to a still of a scene from 
a 1932 movie called Night After Night, he stopped her.

“Mama,” he shouted, pointing to one of the actors, who wasn’t identified. “That guy’s me! The old me!”

“I was shocked,” Cyndi admits. “I never thought that we’d find the person he thought he was.” But she was equally relieved. “Ryan had talked about his other life and been so unhappy, and now we had something to go on.”

Although neither Cyndi nor her husband believed in reincarnation, she went back to the library the next day and checked out a book about children who possessed memories of their past lives. At the end of it was a note from the author, professor Jim Tucker, MD, saying that he wanted to hear from the parents of kids with similar stories. Cyndi sat down to write him a letter.

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