It all started when I was a young girl. My aunt Kay was my Sunday school teacher. My parents would go to church but I found out that my mother was always dabbling inother religions and not really focusing on being a Christian, and my father would just go to church but found him self teetering inbelieving in God to no belief whatsoever. Four years before the end of his life though he did became a born again spirit filled Christian. I was growing up with my Aunt and Uncle teaching me about Jesus. They just loved Him, never believing in anything else other than Him. I never thought that I would have seen Him or go to Heaven. Tragically, when I was five years old I was assaulted and molested. During the horrendous experience, I was taken in the spirit to Heaven.I found myself walking in this beautiful place where I felt safe, secure, and a great love and peace over me. As I began to look around I saw a river, clear and transparent almost crystal. The green grass was as deep as an emerald stone, the sky was so beautiful as the light was so bright. Then I looked to see who was holding my hand. It was Jesus. His eyes were like fire and ever so kind, so full of the purest of love that youcould ever imagine. His hand was so big compared to mine. It had light coming out of the scar where the nail had gone through his hand. He took me to this wonderful place where I saw lots of children. As the other children gathered around Jesus and myself, He talked to us.I was aware at some level of what was happening to my body, but because I had been transported in the spirit to Heaven to be with Jesus I felt no fear, I was in a state of pure peace. Jesus proceeded to tell me that the other children there had gone or were going through the very same thing I was and that I was not alone but I was safein His arms. He told me all about His Daddy’s love for me (God The Father), and how much He loved me personally. We talked about His sacrificial death on the cross. He told me how he had to do it because He loved us so much. Jesus also told me about how He loves everyone not just those that do good but even those whodo horrible things and how they too can receive His love and forgiveness if they open their heart to Him. He told me that he hates how people don’t value children or others lives. He was very upset about how people were hurting others.As I just sat there on His lap holding Him close, listening to His wisdom about matters pertaining to God and how He loves us so much, I would listen to His heart beating inside His chest, just as I found myself with my Father resting in His arms. There is nothing like it for a child to be able to have that intimate time of embrace listening to the heartbeat of their father in His arms, or listening to Daddy’s voice talk as it lingers to a resounding rhythm.Then I found myself in total peace as Jesustold me it was time for me to return to my body and it was safe to go back. I never really talked about this to anyone being younger as I chose not to dwell on the terrible circumstances preceeding this beautiful experience.The next time I had an encounter with God in Heaven was when I was pregnant with my first son. My first husband Steve who has since passed away, was waiting for meoutside as I was to have an emergency C section. My blood pressure was sky high as they had tried to induce me, and I wouldn’t respond to dilate. My son was six weeks premature at his birth back in October 1988. They had put me out completely to move faster in the surgery. Well I remember drifting off to sleep as I was counting backwards with all the medical staff there getting ready for me to do so. I nodded off so they proceeded.As they did I soon found myself sitting up and looking at them working away on my body. “Hey hello can you stop please stop I am awake!” I entreated them. I didn’t believe that my breathing had stopped and I was at the point of clinical death. I looked up and started to walk to the door where it was literally exploding with light. I walked through the long hallway. After I opened upthe door I entered into the light to find faces and hands on the other side. As I kept walking I felt this great love and peaceover me though as I knew where I was, but this time round I was asking “why am I here?” Jesus just wanted to talk to me as I was about to give birth to a baby boy. Jesus just told me how much he loved me and I had to go back to care for this baby boy and how special that he is to me and toJesus. He told me he has great plans for him.As soon as I woke up I experienced panic. Ijust had to see my baby to know he was OK. I remember seeing a beautiful baby boy with lots of hair on his head but he wasbreathing very hard and was in discomfort.Ultimately they would take him to another hospital. He would been there for a few weeks until his left lung was better. I kept praying and asking for God to heal him, butI had a great peace and just believed in Jesus to heal my son. Thanks to God, He has now grown up into a strong young man.Similarly, just before my youngest daughter was born I was put to sleep once again with similar pregnancy complications related to the risk of toxaemia requiring me to have another C section, only to find myself hovering above my body and the surgical staff again. Outside the operating room I saw my husband sitting out in a chair looking worried and waiting to hear what was happening with some friends the other side(my husband confirmed where he was sitting to me later exactly as I had seen himand the friends that had shown up spontaneously).Then I walked passed him into the light and found myself with Jesus telling me how He had a plan for me and for this babyand how I had to return back to my body. Even though I asked Jesus to remain with Him in Heaven never to return to Earth, He told me I was not to stay, not yet, as it wasn’t my time. He showed me the baby girl and my other two children Justin and Serena, and how my husband Richard would need me also, and I wasn’t to ask why but to hurry back to my body to do Hiswill. He said he would come to me again with more detail of his will, and when he would, I would be ready for what was to come next.Another encounter I had with Jesus subsequently was in my bedroom. I was asleep with my husband, when I saw Heaven open up to me with people worshiping Jesus in the night sky with theirhands outstretched to Jesus, and singing with their hearts just pouring out all that they had for Him. Then the deep night sky that was covered in cloud cover began to part and soon there were these beautiful clear stars that twinkled ever brighter. The sky literally opened up to be a bright light. As I began to feel the Holy Spirit’s peace, I heard the voice of my Father God as I saw Jesus with His hands coming through the sky, stars, clouds, and my bedroom ceiling coming closer to me. It was another sovereign visitation. I heard Him once again telling me how much He loved me and how He was wanting me to do more of His work, and that He would be using me and my singing voice to proclaim His love for all, and how His love was so available for anyone.I saw Jesus very clearly when I was awake.I asked Father God if I could tell my husband that He was here. He told me “no” He was here just for me, and that He would return later to talk to my husband. He told me how He had to go now but that He was pleased. Then as He was leaving I was holding the garment of His clothes, trying to hold on to them tighter, but they slipped through my hands and He was gone from view.As well as Heaven, I was also taken up to see Hell, a real place where I saw people experiencing unimaginable pain, torment, and eternal separation from God. In The New Testament, Jesus speaks more about Hell than Heaven because He doesn’t want anyone to go there.People often wonder why a loving God would send people to Hell. People send themselves to Hell by cutting themselves off from God, not repenting from their sin and accepting His free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. Jesus gave everything for you and me by dying on the cross for our sin and rising from death. The glories of Heaven and the horrors of Hell cannot easily be put into words. I have shared some of my story here to encourage you to draw close to God whether you know Him yet or not. Encounters with The Lord and Heaven are available for you too.